Pulling Back the Sheet

It started as a scribble
in my yearbook
and ended
with an apology,
of sorts:
I wish I’d been more,
held your hand
when it mattered

and even
when it didn’t.

Ink lasts longer
than schoolyard buds,
before their bloom.
Notes we wrote
lend breath
to ghosts,

long after
pens fall still.

In this cold place
I see your face
as it was behind the gym;
where your lips
once tasted

of blackberries
and sunshine.

Ryan Stone


57 thoughts on “Pulling Back the Sheet

  1. This brought back so many memories. Your first love or high school love is so special. As we grow and understand what it takes to make a relationship work we look back In regret, I saw your tags and don’t know if she passed or not. I’m sorry if she has….:(

    My first love and I dated for 4 years and broke up when I was 18. I thought life ended. I truly thought my life was over.
    Funny how things change. It’s been years since I’ve seen him but (ahem) on a certain day that was special between us he always texts me “123” jΓ»st to let me know he still thinks about me. The numbers 123 meant I love you. πŸ™‚ Every Valentines Day out of the blue I will get his text. Then he goes silent for another year. Funny… When you love someone you never rally stop. This is a beautiful poem. πŸ™‚

    Sorry for the novel. I’m in a nostalgic mood for some reason. πŸ™‚

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  2. You have been a guest in this cold parlor a dew times.. the poem is a witness of grief and memories. All of the sudden the taste of formalin vanishes with the sunshine and blackberries..
    hugs!! lots of them!

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  3. Ugh. Lump in my throat with this one. So nice.
    Glad I came across your site. I can tell I am really going to like your poetry…and I’m pretty picky. πŸ™‚

    Hope you will check mine out as well on learningtocry.wordpress.com under poetry category.
    Happy writing.

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  4. Blackberries and sunshine!!! Killer! ❀ I definitely can relate to this one today. I've been packing and going through old school folders and notebooks and found some notes from an old friend and reminded me of the old school days. How life changes. :]

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  5. Ryna, you’re writing is always superb. Life does bear witness to regrets, thankfully we have the ability to remember the β€œblackberries and sunshine”. A beautiful poem, very touching. Please have a wonderful day. ~ Mia

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  6. I love this Ryan. I actually found an old yearbook the other day and spent some time remembering a few special people and moments. Your writing is always lovely and thought provoking. Have a wonderful weekend! – Lola

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