The last leaves are golden,
most have already flown. Branches
hang bare beneath ashen skies.
Not so different from when you climbed,
hand over slow hand, waging a war
inside your young mind. One leaf
breaks free, hangs on a moment,
before leaping into the maelstrom.
I imagine a short fall,
sharp jerk and silence;
but it’s only a leaf and spirals away,
no note to mark its passing.

– Ryan Stone



53 thoughts on “Adrift

  1. There are so many brilliant metaphors in these lines.
    I love how you talk of leaves but really you donโ€™t. There is so much more behind your words than what they seem at first. It is like unwrapping a gift, finding a beautiful box, itself enclosing a present even more meaningful and precious. Thank you for this journey into the workings of your beautiful mind.

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  2. Ryan, for me โ€œAdriftโ€ is intensely sad, however I want to assure you itโ€™s intensely beautiful as well. Lovely job of stirring the emotions. Itโ€™s always a pleasure to read your poetry. Take good care, enjoy your weekend. ~ Mia

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  3. Ryan, I am just now discovering your amazing blog, late on a Friday night. There is something so haunting and beautiful about fall and the state of decay that accompanies it. You have so richly captured it here. I look forward to reading more of your work…Lola

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  4. This has strong feelings inside. To be like that leaf.. falling and returning back to earth, enjoying the last moments worry free, and happy. Wow Ryan. A very poignant and moving piece. It reminded me of the novel A Separate Peace a bit, by by John Knowles.

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