Raindrops –
steel drums, belting
roof tops;

loud beats
unheard beneath
white sheets

where two
hearts shed one last

Ryan Stone



24 thoughts on “Ingénue

  1. The naivety of the title captured me right away and I was not disappointed to learn that even the beating of the rain on a metal roof (great metaphor by the way) could not stifle the shedding of that final taboo…sigh…this is so very passionate and the musette form so aptly captures this encounter…a stunning write, my friend!

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    • Thank you, once again. I’m sure you’re just being polite but I’ll take flattery any time it is proffered 🙂
      This Musette form is aptly titled – it is helping me finish a lot of half-done poems that were formed around a good idea but have been bogged down by too many extraneous words and thoughts…
      I’m in your debt, my friend!

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      • You are welcome, my friend! No politeness here, my friend, just honest offerings. You are brilliant with a pen and I am happy your discovery of the musette has allowed you to complete pieces that otherwise would have been left in the archives. Continue digging those pieces out of the pile and I will keep reading 😀

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  2. Hi Ryan – I agree with the lovely comments above – a poignant capture that evoked passion and melancholy for me. As hard as it can be sometimes, try your best to not let chaotic thoughts or mental chatter interfere with your work. You have a natural gift that needs to be shared! That is why I believe so firmly in meditation. You learn how to calm your mind more efficiently, which for me, enhances my creative process – makes it easier for me to focus, which I always struggle with due to add and dyslexia. I’m sure you have your own ways to cope, but I just can’t help mentioning things that have had such a positive effect in my life! All the best to you, Ryan 🙂

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    • Hi, Kelly! Thanks for your feedback and thoughts. I like the idea of meditation but I would never be able to sit still for long enough. Running is my mind-calmer. I have a note-taking app on my phone and 3/4 of my poems begin on that while I’m running or walking my dog.

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      • A fellow runner, eh? Does your dog run with you? I have a number of posts on my blog where I’ve written about that! It’s pretty much my favorite thing in the world. I gain so much inspiration from it, just like you!
        I think I mentioned meditation from seeing a comment you wrote – maybe I interpreted it incorrectly. I need to reel myself in sometimes when I go off on unsolicited advice. I think I blur the lines at times between my work life and writing life… sorry, Ryan –
        I would like to explore writing in shorter structures like you do, but I don’t know if I would be as adept at encapsulating my thoughts more succinctly. I think that takes more thought discipline and focus than I possess – hence meditation for me which helps me with the words I do manage to string together!
        Hope it’s not as hot there – we are only in the teens here, but it’s a bright, sunny day. 🙂

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      • Haha, no need to apologise – your thoughts and advice are always happily received. Yes, I run with my dog most of the time. I’m lucky enough to live right beside a large forest, so we have lots of beautiful places to explore while we run. Definitely good for inspiration. I think it is why trees and animals feature in so many of my poems!

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  3. I think you have made this form your new home Ryan.
    I love the elegance, the sensuality and the fresh petricor. I did feel like a voyeur of this intimate moment that brought some sweet butterflies and memories. Sigh, the romantic side of you, is too adorable!

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