Post NaNo

So, NaNo is done and life is returning to its usual level of crazy. I apologize for my absence but thank you for sticking with me.

I have stories, I have poems, I have some great competitions and publishing call outs to announce. Most of all, I have a month’s worth of catching up on your wonderful blogs to get stuck into.

Before I get going, do any of you have any questions you’d like to ask? For some reason, during my NaNo sabbatical, I’ve received a lot of personal emails from other bloggers with all sorts of questions – some personal, some professional, some seeking advice (reality check!).

I truly hope I’ve answered them all satisfactorily, but I thought I’d throw it out there – fire away in the comments with anything you have, I’m only too happy too listen and stumble my way through an answer.

Otherwise, watch this space 🙂

My poem ‘The Weight’ published by Algebra of Owls


Such a great start to my day – ‘The Weight’ was published today on the wonderful poetry site Algebra of Owls.

I’ve been following Algebra of Owls since it started and really enjoy the selection of poetry they choose to display. I’m flattered to have ‘The Weight’ appear in such fine company.

Here’s the link for anyone interested: The Weight at Algebra of Owls

Definitely a site that’s worth exploring.

** Featured Poet **

Have you ever tried to dissect a poem and work out where the magic is hidden? Tried to find which words or phrases leave that imprint that you can feel for days afterwards but can never quite place? I do this frequently and never more so than after reading a poem by one of my all-time favourite poets, Jim Pascual Agustin.

It’s been a little while since my last featured poet post – I still haven’t figured out a way to quit my day job and write full time – but I know this next post will more than make up for the delay. When I contacted Jim to ask if he’d consider appearing as a guest on my blog, I had no idea how much effort he would put into his responses. I hope you will be blown away like I was. Without further ado, please enjoy:


The Scar Examined at Midnight

tell me about that. that scar.

it is a burn. something has grown
over it that mimics skin.

my memory goes blurry
when you smoke.
i know you need to, but please don’t.
or i won’t tell you the story.

it is not a burn…

–> Read the full poem and Jim’s bio here: The Scar Examined at Midnight

I apologise now…

The following stream of writing may not be my best, but it will be honest if nothing else. It is Friday night in Melbourne, I’m sitting down with a six pack of Budweiser, the last two episodes of Game of Thrones season 6 and a strong desire to catch up on some long overdue poetry. I apologise now…

An Arden Season

Mia has a habit of grabbing my mind and flying away with it. I frequently find myself lost in contemplation after reading her beautiful posts. She combines stunning poetry with thought-provoking images, quotes and music to create a powerful and often surreal atmosphere that I love. I am under no illusion about the time and effort that she invests into each post – every word earns its place and complements the whole with precision and grace. Out of many fine pieces, this one reverberates with me on a whole other level. Mia’s site – Copper Cranes – is an amazing place and well worth a visit. I hope this rocks your world the way it did mine. Enjoy 🙂

Belle de Lune ~ a cleave collaboration

Despite knowing what a nightmare I am to write with, the incredibly talented Dajena of Moonskittles took me under her wing once more. Words flow effortlessly from her talented hand while I hack away and keep her waiting for days. Dajena’s words bring out a different side of my writing and I had so much fun working together on this cleave.
The beautiful watercolor that accompanies the poem is handpainted by Dajena and testament to the versatility of her artistic mind.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to write together once again, Dajena and for your patience and enthusiasm. I’m sure most of you know Dajena and have enjoyed wandering around her inspiring blog but, if you haven’t had the chance yet, I can’t recommend a visit highly enough.

Aching Wait

I get the chance to read a lot of poetry and, every so often, a poem comes along and grabs me a little tighter; shakes me a little harder. The type of poem that sticks in my mind and demands that I read it over and over.
‘Aching Wait’ is one of those poems for me. The beautiful flow and imagery as well as the audio aspects transport me away each time I read.
I hope you get as much enjoyment from it as I do. And please don’t leave your likes and comments on my blog – I know Stella would really appreciate the feedback directly. She has a lovely site and it is well worth a visit –