A. M. Yeager

This month it is my pleasure to introduce you to one of my closest friends I’ve never metA. M. Yeager. I have just realised she is actually my oldest (as in the passage of time) online mate. We met when I was at a crossroads and on the verge of abandoning writing altogether…to say Al pulled me back from the brink sounds kind of extreme…but it actually isn’t too far from the mark, in a writing sense. Al runs a writing group on Goodreads where I crash landed after a number of rejected submissions had clipped my wings. Through the encouragement of Al and her crew of pirates, I carried on with something that has given me countless hours of enjoyment and opened the door to a number of lifelong friendships. I am eternally indebted.

Enough backstory. Al’s writing frequently has a darkness to it that captures me, entices me, pulls me in and spits me out, bruised, battered and grateful for the ride. I can’t quite describe what it is other than to say her writing holds me enthralled. Her poetry is mysterious, often unsettling, but also raw and soothing in a subliminally-familiar kind of way. Her imagery can be stark, but also beautiful and there are always worlds lurking in the shadows behind her few, well-chosen words. I could go on and on about the enjoyment her writing brings me, instead – head on over to https://pensanderasers.wordpress.com/ and experience the magic for yourself. In the meantime, please enjoy:

In the Days of Kings
by A. M. Yeager

I can’t remember anymore
how the wind used to breathe
across the plane of my face
or how the sun skipped across
the glass surface of a lake.
Too long ago you spoke
stories of knights and kings–
maids and things that once danced
with flowers in their hair and twirled fresh
in my wanting youthful mind.

But light doesn’t exist here.

First published on Pens and Erasers

Name: A. M. Yeager
Age: In that stage of being called too young to know anything
Location: Somewhere on the coast of sunny California


Bio: Al is a Lutheran vicar’s wife, a mother, a writer, and a photographer with an adventurous soul who loves chocolate marshmallow milkshakes, Dean Koontz novels, David Byrne, and anything that has to do with food. A native to the Midwest, she is now adjusting to warm weather where she lives on the sunny coast of California with the love of her life.

Influences: The world. Photography. Nature. My sister. Chocolate.

Inspiration for this poem: I am unsure what inspired this particular poem. They usually appear as a single image or thought and blossom from there…or wilt. It depends on how you look at it.

Website: https://pensanderasers.wordpress.com/

Copyright for the above poem and author photo remains the sole property of A. M. Yeager.