Since joining WordPress I’ve had the opportunity to read some amazing poetry and meet some truly wonderful people. One of my favourites is Dajena. I’ve been following her blog – http://www.moonskittles.wordpress.com – for quite some time and she consistently mesmerizes with her combination of vibrant imagery, romance, mythological/literary themes and deep thought. Her blog is a pleasant place, with so much more on offer besides great poetry and well worth a visit. I find a lot of Dajena’s poetry offers an escape similar to when I used to lose myself in the magical stories of my childhood. She is a talented poet and an inspirational blogger. But don’t take my word for it, head on over to Moonskittles and see for yourself.

In the meantime, please enjoy:


S.O.S… Alice how did you wake up?


You shuffle my thoughts,

like a deck of cards,

till i keep remembering

“i’m late, i’m late”…

And here I am,

on the run again..

trying to break through –

these longings for you.

Yet, the hatter jokes with me,

pouring his elusive tea,

and once more i find myself stuck..

honey…can’t go back.

Useless Mome Raths

leading me astray,

this slippery slope,

of shattering clay…

I keep running my head against

impassable borders,

horses and kingsmen…

and me alone – amidst broken shells,

while the Cheshire cat smiles

and says:

everything will be okay.

– Dajena


Name: Dajena
Age: young 🙂
Location: San Diego, CA

Bio: How to read my Albanian name:duh– ye (as in “ye-llow”) – nah (kind of like Diana)I am currently working as a high school English Language Arts teacher. I love interaction with my students even when they are a pain in the…I am married to a wonderful man who has to put up with my multitude of ideas and we have two beautiful darling children. They are twins – one boy for daddy and one girl for mommy.I like to believe that I am intelligent, philosophical and imaginative. I am psychically gifted and enjoy my own solitude. I like to study, test, and then experience it all.

Influences: I was born with my senses heightened,and a lot to say. My thirst for reading started at age three and hasn’t been quenched to this day. I cannot say I have been influenced by one particular author but there are a few I would like to mention: Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Ray Bradbury, Ismail Kadare, Emily Dickinson… Isabel Allende and more.

Inspiration for this poem: The song and video of Cocteau Twins -Alice https://youtu.be/Sy2o6dzE9w8

Techniques/ideas/thoughts during writing: I can write on demand very easily. I love to tackle different forms and explore writing in different languages. English is not my first language, but definitely a language I enjoy writing on. Poetic devices are my favorite jewels on my poem and I love creating figurative language that is fresh, and new, and always look to say same stories in new ways.

Website/contact: https://moonskittles.wordpress.com/

Copyright for the above poem and image remains the sole property of Dajena.

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