Emily Clapper

This month it is an absolute pleasure to introduce you to the passionate, soulful poetry of my good friend, Emily Clapper of Poetgirlem.

Emily is a relative newcomer to the wonderful world of WordPress but she’s been setting the place alight since her arrival. She deals with a lot of different subject matter and always does so with an inspiring amount of power and emotion. I’ve been planning to feature Emily for some time now, but wasn’t sure which of her poems to showcase – there really are so many gems to choose from. Thankfully, she posted Diurnal/Nocturnal a day or two ago and completely blew me away, making my choice clear. The rhythm that flows throughout this poem has such a compelling beat and the images and ideas lift me up and carry me away. Emily’s blog is jam-packed with great writing and really packs a punch: https://poetgirlem.wordpress.com – please head over for a look, satisfaction is a surety. In the meantime, strap yourself in and enjoy –

Diurnal / Nocturnal

dark light
shattered sight
yin yang
battered fight
between the shades
glows in spades
the morning throws
the night in throes
of sensuality reeling
all five of them feeling
in darkness cold
our hands we hold
trace fingers along
the body’s song
pausing to hear
the breath held near
my ear with heat
exhale complete
shivers of lust
prickle skin just
until every part freezes
and breath ceases
waiting to sense
where the hand goes next
in the dark nocturnal
chilly long night
while the sphere turns
toward the light
diurnal reveals
the lover steals
me far away to
revel in more
displays of ravishing
shades of ecstasy

~ by Emily Clapper

Poem link plus audio: https://poetgirlem.wordpress.com/2016/05/19/diurnal-nocturnal/

Name: Emily Clapper
Age: 39
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA


Bio: I have been a closet poet for years (named after Emily Dickinson, no joke), had neglected to nurture this side of me until recently deciding to compile my existing poetry in one spot on WordPress. I was shocked with the welcoming environment of support. I’ve written more poetry in the last three months since being here than I have in my entire life. I’m very grateful for the inspiration I find here amongst friends. In my “other” life, I am a certified personal trainer, and yoga instructor by trade, and on the side, an avid foodie, crafter, gardener, trained in classical and jazz piano, play the harmonium…and much more. I can’t seem to decide so I do it all. 🙂 That’s what life is for, though, right?

Influences: Everything is potential inspiration! Poems hit me at all times of the day and even wake me up out of a dead sleep with a line that must be written down, or a full-fledged stanza, in semi-conscious streaming. Music, nature, environment, metaphysics, universe, love, life experience, other poets, philosophical musings, and sometimes just a random thought. All of it is fair game.

Inspiration for this poem: The idea came to me after correspondence with friends across the globe…pondering the way the world turns, the line between light and dark, the unstoppable rotation of life, the sun stealing from the dark, the passion that can happen there in that border between, the place we linger with a lover and watch the sun rise.

Techniques: It started with the simple dichotomy of “dark light” and honestly, the brain just took it and ran, very stream of consciousness, surprising myself even. Letting the brain go usually is where the magic happens.

Website: https://poetgirlem.wordpress.com
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/poet-girl-em

Copyright for the above poem and author photo remains the sole property of Emily Clapper.