Jennifer Calvert

This time around, it is my pleasure to introduce you to the fantastic poetry of Jennifer Calvert – a fellow writer from Australia.

Jen’s poetry is modern and edgy and she’s making quite a name for herself, with a book to be published very shortly. Full of powerful images, a lot of her writing exists in the borderlands of the magical realms of fantasy, faery and many more besides. Juggling the responsibilities of mother, student and writer is no mean feat but Jen does it with style and pours her heart into each piece she produces. Her website is beautiful and varied and always makes me feel as though I’ve slipped down the rabbit’s hole…

But don’t take my word for it, head on on over to and experience the magic for yourself. In the meantime, please enjoy:

Rabbit Run


Build a kingdom,
On noon,
A royal headache and prattle,
Boys, watch out,
The queen is on the lookout,
Heads will roll about,

Shock me, with your razor tongue,
The palace likes a little drama,
Theatrical and affected,
Pleasure driven,
The power of the reign,
A dangerous game,
The hunter likes to hunt, the little cottontails,

Run rabbit, run,
She will skin you alive,
A fury wrap around her neck,
And doe eyes, brown and bleak,
A pawn in her game,
The prey, the hunter,
Merely a causality, for her entertainment,
Your heart a trophy, mounted on the wall,

The scent of fear, her preferred perfume,
Tempts and allures,
To take the bait,
Trapped, in a snare,
Too late,
Run rabbit, run

– Jennifer Calvert

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Name: Jennifer Calvert
Age: 30
Location: Australia


Bio: I’m an Australian poet, pouring my heart and soul into each piece I write. Finding beauty in everything, and hoping to inspire, provoke and stir the reader’s feelings and emotions. I like to test the boundaries, explore the possibilities and open my work to the reader, for interpretation.

Influences: Charlotte Bronte, Maya Angelou, William Wordsworth, Sylvia Plath and Pablo Neruda

Inspiration for this poem:/ Inspiration strikes at any given time.
Funnily enough this poem was first inspired by watching a Peter Rabbit video with my 2 year old daughter. This poem soon took an entirely different turn, into a poem about the hunted and hunter.


Copyright for the above poem and author photo remains the sole property of Jennifer Calvert.