**Featured Poet**

This month it is an absolute pleasure to introduce you to the passionate, soulful poetry of my good friend, Emily Clapper of poetgirlem

Emily is a relative newcomer to the wonderful world of WordPress but she’s been setting the place alight since her arrival. She deals with a lot of different subject matter and always does so with an inspiring amount of power and emotion. I’ve been planning to feature Emily for some time now, but wasn’t sure which of her poems to showcase – there really are so many gems to choose from. Thankfully, she posted Diurnal/Nocturnal a day or two ago and completely blew me away, making my choice clear. The rhythm that flows throughout this poem has such a compelling beat and the images and ideas lift me up and carry me away. Emily’s blog is jam-packed with great writing and really packs a punch: https://poetgirlem.wordpress.com – please head over for a look, satisfaction is a surety.

In the meantime, strap yourself in and enjoy –


Diurnal / Nocturnal

dark light
shattered sight
yin yang
battered fight
between the shades
glows in spades
the morning throws
the night in throes
of sensuality reeling
all five of them feeling
in darkness cold
our hands we hold
trace fingers along
the body’s song…

-> Read full poem and Em’s bio here: Featured Poet – Emily Clapper