Queen of Nothing

I barely remember how the hues of December
cast sepia waves through her hair. Those words
she first uttered: out here there be monsters,
seemed a plea, not a thing to beware.

A quick realisation: she sailed a maelstrom
mainlining a vein named despair. Lost
within dreams of heroine queens,
I drew heart-shaped clouds in thin air.

It felt like I’d woken when she said yes, you’re broken
but I’ll show you real broke, if you dare.
As our ship
ran aground, frayed dreams dragged us down;
to the depths of her fell monster’s lair.

Ryan Stone


Reading Between the Lines

In fairness, he came from the wrong side of the tracks
In fairness, he was right off the rails
In fairness, he had a face not only a mother could love

And she liked to judge books by their covers

In fairness, she had her head in the clouds
In fairness, she sought greener pastures
If truth be told, she dreamed of happily-ever-afters

And he liked happily-under-the-covers

She believed in love at first sight
He loved her the minute he saw her
They loved like there was no tomorrow

Love is blind more often than not

In fairness, his world was white and black
While she gazed through rose tinted glasses
In fairness, it was the green eyed monster

Who stuck a knife in her back

Ryan Stone